Lets the user navigate to a URL

Code component(s): Link

Links are meant to be used inline (ie, within a block of text), so they can be customized to use whatever type style you’d like (except for its color and decoration). For navigation that does not involve a URL change, use a different component, such as Button.




Specify the text that will be visually distinguished as a link from surrounding text


Specify the URL that will be opened when the user clicks/taps on the link

Type style

You can use any type style as long as you don’t specify a custom color or text decoration (eg, underline)

Open in new tab/window

By default, links will open in the same tab/window. You can change this behavior to open the URL in a new browser tab/window.

Visually distinguish visited links

By default, links will change their appearance if the user has already visited that URL. You may turn this behavior off, but use this option sparingly because it can hinder navigability.


Ensure sufficient contrast with surrounding text

Use Off-Black for surrounding text to ensure that the link is visually distinguishable from the surrounding text

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